Enrapture Cattery

GC Cactusway's Chocolate Obsession
Chocolate Point Female
CFA's 5th Chocolate Point GC,
Granded 1989

About Us  

     Enrapture cattery is a small cageless cattery in the adirondack region of upstate New York, USA.  Nearby cities include Albany and Saratoga.  Enrapture was established in 1990. 

     Originally breeding chocolate himalayans and persians and mentored by Toni Renzacci of Cactusway cattery, Enrapture has notably been home to GC Cactusway's Chocolate Obsession and CH Cactusway's Plum Crazy of Enrapture.

     Today our focus is on breeding pure persians in a variety of colors including white, black and blue.  Our aim is to breed show cats that conform to the CFA breed standard and have wonderful gentle temperaments.  Lines include Revillion, Artemis, Budmar, Boberan, Wishstar, Red Sky, Southpaw, Joyvill, Scrimshaw, Cattrax, Purrsay, Bolo, Kitjim, Spellbound, Softmagic, Q-T Cats, Real World and Johnorah. 

     We would like to express our appreciation to these catteries, our program would not be possible without their years of hard work, knowledge and dedication. 

      I will also be featuring custom made show curtains and other items on my webstore page.  I accept paypal for your convenience.

     Thank you for stopping by and enjoy your visit!